UV Flash Tube (Standard)

UV Flash Tube (Standard)

Product code:BW2032

User replaceable standard (2 leg) UV coated flash tube for use with Bowens monolights.

User replaceable standard (2 leg) UV coated flash tube for use with Bowens moonlights. Flash Tube Care - If you are regularly shooting at low power levels it is recommended that at the end of each shoot you turn the power up to full and flash the unit several times. This process helps to keep the gas performing at its optimum level and burns off the black powder that may start to accumulate on the glass. But in particular will help preserve the life of the flash tube. - When moving the Gemini into new lighting position while the unit is still warm do so as gently as possible and ideally allow to cool before packing away. - If a flash tube does not fire at very low power levels then it is likely the flash tube is getting worn and needs replacement - When replacing a tube follow the all the user guide instructions and safety notes paying particular attention to ensuring the unit is unplugged and cooled down before touching - Take care to ensure the flash tube legs are fully pushed in when replacing by applying gentle pressure. If the unit has had a minor knock it is possible these legs may be dislodged and they should be re pushed in again, but if it was a major knock the unit should be checked by a Bowens authorised repairer. - It is advised that on the new tube you handle with a soft cloth to avoid grease marks from handling getting on the new tube.
Colour Temperature 5600K (å±300K)
Operating Voltage 230V
Height 0
Width 0
Weight 0

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